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  1. Hi Grace, its Samantha.
    I have been seeking the Lord on what He would have me to do as far as wearing skirts go, and I had a few questions for you.

    Do you wear skirts to bed too?

    Have you found a type of skirt that looks just like a skirt but they are sown in the middle so that they can become "jeans" when you horseback riding?

    If I was to try this out, how many weeks do you think I should commit to starting out?

    1. Hi Samantha!

      I was just getting ready to email you (: I do not wear skirts to bed. I usually wear sweatpants or basket ball shorts. I always get too wrapped up in a skirt to sleep comfortably. But, I would like to try a knee-length nightgown sometime soon. And for the horse back riding, I think culottes or either a skort would work for you. Culottes look just like skirts, but have shorts underneath, and skorts are a skirt in the front and shorts in the back. And skirts with leggings underneath always work well too. The length of time for you to commit to this is totally up to you and the Lord. Listen to what He tells you. (:

      Love Always,

    2. Oh my goodness Grace!=)
      I just now noticed that you answered back! ....LOL

      I will say that I did the skirt commitment for an entire month without crossing the line!
      I won't say that I wear skirts all the time now, but you are certainly an inspiration of modesty and I appreciate you!

      Miss conversing! Please e-mail me soon!