Wednesday, July 13, 2016

still good

Hi everyone!

One thing that this blog has been to me in the past nine years I've have been on here is that its always good to look back on what I've posted and see how far I've come. It's like a book I've been writing of my life the past decade.  This blog has been with me through the good times, and the really bad times.  My Dad and I were talking the other night, and he told me something that I had never really thought about.  He said "Grace, you know back a few years ago, you were writing things on your blog that were really good, and really true, as an encouragement to other people out there. But now, look at you.  You've actually been through the difficult times that you were trying to help other people through.  Now, I'm not saying that the things you said a few years ago weren't true...but it's like they have a new meaning now."

That hit me, and I've been thinking about it ever since he said that.  Have you ever met someone who has really been there for you in hard times, continually telling you that God is going to be there for you, and that He always loves and cares for you....but in the back of your mind, you're thinking "This person has never gone through any hard time- how can she/he say those things are true? How do they know? They have no idea what I'm going through!"

Sound familiar?

Well technically I was the encouraging person when I really started blogging on here.  All the things I said were true, and still are. But now I've been through a extremely rainy season of my life the past year, and I've had the chance to put my faith to the test.  Let me tell was not easy.  Gosh it wasn't easy.  So many times I was upset at God.  Why me? What had I done to deserve what I was going through?

But now, looking back on the past year, I can say one thing.  God is still good.  Let me tell you that again.

God is STILL good!!

If you are going through one of those rainy seasons of your life...I can now tell you that I've been there.  I've walked through the storms.  It wasn't in any way easy.  But please trust me when I say that God is there for you.  He's there for you to open up and cry out to Him.  He listens.  I know that it seems like He's not, that He's just some random thing up in the sky that doesn't care in the least about your life or your situation.  That is so not true.  He cares about every aspect of your life.  And I know a billion people have told you "There's a reason why you're going though this".... but it's true.  We may never know what that reason is, but just know that He has your best interest at heart.  He adores you.

In 2007 when I started this blog, I told you that I loved Jesus and that He was good.

Now in 2016, as a young woman who is about to start college, and has had her fair share of difficult chapters in life, I'm here to tell you that God is still good.

He was, is, and always will be good.


  1. Amen to that. He is still good! I have had a lot happening in my past...and some of it resurfacing in the last year. A lot of friends dumping me and lots of fights with people I thought who cared about me, and trust is being betrayed, and I'm dumped out because I didn't suit someone else and that they chose someone over me. A dear family member died last year as well. And health issues and house issues and emotional goes on. But through it all God has taught me to trust Him and to let go of what I'm trying to hold onto that isn't for HIs glory.
    Thx for sharing. Will be praying.

  2. Yes, Grace God is still good even though we have had trials after trials, he sees the storms from the other side. Collingsworth sing that song beautifully. We can only see the storms but He sees the storms from the other side. Praise....I am often reminded of this isn't easy, is it??
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Grace! You are such a strong girl! I need to read this every day, it is so uplifting. I have been down, looking up saying "why Dolly?". I have been through many hurting times in my life and Dolly is not the first horse I've lost. I know I have to just be strong in my faith and keep praying. It's hard to understand--she was so perfect and GOOD and what happened to her was so EVIL. Every day I have to go by the pasture, thinking I will see her trotting around the pond to me. I will never understand or justify this one as being God's will. There may be a reason, but I will never know it in this life. The only thing I can keep repeating is it wasn't one of the grandchildren and I'm constantly worried the dogs will come back when Duke and Levi are over at Grammy's playing in the yard. Anyway, thank you. I know you will miss her too--you and Emma knew her well and took good care of her for me.