Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas 2013

Hi everyone!

We had a wonderful Christmas down here in the South.  Christmas Eve, we woke up and Mom picked us each out a present to open.  She gave us each a necklace that had our initial on it with a single pearl on the chain.  It's really pretty.  Later that day, we went to a Christmas Eve service at my violin teacher's church.  We got there, and it was absolutely packed.  There were no seats left, and we would've had to stand the whole service...unless we walked down the aisle to the choir section.  oh my word.  I hate it when people look at me period, but when I saw that we'd have to walk the long, dreaded trek to the choir, I almost died.  Thankfully, a family had to walk up there before us, but still.  It was so embarrassing!  The service was really nice, and we came home and watched the movie Elf.  

Christmas morning, I got up around 7:30.  My parents have a rule where we can't come downstairs until they tell us to (:  Around 8:00, my parents told us we could come down.  Mom had set out presents for Emma, and the tree was lit up beautifully.  It was so nice.  For Christmas, I got a few new clothes, two new pairs of boots, an Eno hammock, and some make up.  I got a few other nick nacks too (:
For Mary and Emma, I got them each rings that say big sis and lil sis on them.  I got Emma some American Girl things, and Mary a new purse.

For Mom, I got her books about Julia Child and Julia Child's cookbook, along with some new pjs (: and for Dad, I got him a very practical gift...sweatpants!

After we all opened presents, my Uncle Jon came over and we had a big breakfast (:

Here are some pics!

before we came downstairs...

our advent calendar

waiting on the stairs.  the dogs were so patient to wait with us (; lol and yes.  my eyes are closed.  (;

Emma opening my present to her (:

Emma got a ukulele! 

Mary opening my gift to her


I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas celebrating Christ's birth!


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  1. I would be embarrassed too if I was in your situation lol! ..

    God bless