Wednesday, January 22, 2014

and the winners are...

Laura and Melissa!

I have notified both and they will be getting boot cuffs in the mail soon. Thank you so much to everyone who entered!  I got so many cool answers.  We are going to

Berlin, Germany!

Again, my Dad is speaking over there.  He got us all tickets from points he has saved up from AMEX.   I'm so excited!  We are leaving early in February and also going to Amsterdam, England, and Scotland.  I am so very excited!  I have a question for all of you...Where is somewhere in England and/or Scotland?  We are trying to decide which places to go.  It's so very hard!

Thank you to all who entered!  Have a wonderful week! (:



  1. Hi Grace!

    My family was just in England and Scotland in December 2013!! Here are the links to my blog posts about the trip: feel free to e-mail me with quesetions!


    My favorite place that we visited was Bristol, a cute little city in England's southwestern coast! We were only there for one night, but I would love to go back!

    xoxo Miss ALK

  2. Congrats Grace! You will have to take lots of pics!

  3. Go to Buckingham Palace and Big Ben and the London Eye!!!! You'll have to do A LOT of shopping!:) Be sure to post about it!!!!

  4. Thanks! I hope you have a great time in Germany! It sounds like a lot of fun!