Friday, January 3, 2014

A Visit from the Thompson's!

Some of my best friends came to visit me on Sunday!  You might remember that I met Melissa through my blog almost two years ago.  We went and met them in July.  This time, they came to visit us on their way back from a trip to Texas for Christmas.  I was so excited to see them!  The whole family stayed until Tuesday, and now Melissa is staying with me until next week.  It's been so fun to be together!  so thankful for our friendship (:

We took them to the beach, and got a few pics(:

all the girls, from l to r, Kaitlyn, me, Melissa, Emma, Emily, & Rachel

the Thompson's

they are so photogenic!



  1. All of you look great! The ocean is just so cool! I really want to see it one day!

  2. Such beautiful pictures! Y'all are all so photogenic. It is great to read about your friendship and love for Melissa in your posts. She seems like the sweetest friend, and it is wonderful and encouraging to see how close you are.

    Have a blessed day! And new year! :)


  3. What beautiful photographs! Hope you enjoyed your visit with your friend!