Friday, January 3, 2014

a temporary good bye

Bob's story:

when we got our friendly english pointer in 2008, he came with papers saying that he was heart worm free, and that he had all of his shots. we fell in love with him.  he's such a sweet dog, and he loves loving on people. a year later, when we had our annual check up, we found out he had heart worms.  it was a shock, considering we had given him heart worm preventative ever since we got him.  we immediately started treatments.   after he was heart worm free, we got him married (; him and his wife Gabby had 9 puppies, but only 3 survived.

this past November, my dad was on the way home from Canada.  Bob started to cough a bit.  he eventually got worse, and dad was rushing to get him to the vet.  he almost passed away right there in the car.  he was breathing very very heavily.  when they got to the vet, the dr started an iv on him, and saw that his lungs were full of fluid.  he prescribed lasix, and sent Bob home on bed rest.  (:  when he got home, we treated him like  king.  he came in the house, laid in front of the fire, and got lots of love from us.  the next few weeks, he had his mountains to overcome.  he wouldn't eat at first, but then we figured out that he liked lunch meat, so we would buy lunch meat to give to him.  then, he got very bad one day, and dad took him to the vet.  our doctor kept him over the weekend, and got over half the fluid out of his lungs.  he came home, and Bob enjoyed a lovely Christmas with us.

on new year's day, we decided that Bob was well enough to go back to the kennel.  he was eating good, he was happy, and he was getting a little bit spoiled (;  later that day, us girls went to town. when we got home, it was after dark.  whenever it gets cold, my dad puts our dogs in our dog trailer that has hay and is nice and warm.  he went to put the dogs in and saw Bob laying in his run.  he had died earlier that day.

dad came back in the house and spoke to mom in private about it.  me, my friend melissa, mary and emma were all playing a lively game of uno when dad came and told us the news.  i was shocked.  he was so well earlier that day that i didn't think he would pass so soon.  it was very heart breaking for all of us.  dad had taken bob, wrapped him snugly in a sleeping bag, and put him in our barn in case any of us wanted to say our good byes.  me, mom, and emma went to see him.  i do have to say that when i saw him, i wanted to throw up.  i was mad.  mad that bob had to suffer.  mad that God had put us through this.  and i was so upset that bob was gone.  but, you know what i thought, after all my complaining?  we were blessed with the 5 years we had with bob.  he was such a sweet dog, an amazing hunter, and we have so many memories with him.  he is already so dearly missed, but this is only a temporary good bye.  we will see him again some day.

bob's wife gabby with the puppies



willow (she looks just like her daddy!)

bob and gabby last year

the pointer 'babies' from l to r- w.c, willow, and menzie

bob right after he got home and got a bath this past november

frolly was taking care of him (:

one of the last pictures we have of bob.

good bye sweet boy.  i love you so very much.

I wonder where dogs go when they die.

Do they find a kennel up in the sky

A place where they can rest

After living on earth and giving their best. 

I lost my dog a dear old friend

Willing and able to the end

A good companion trusty and true

Oh..Old friend I do miss you.  

When out shooting pheasant or hare

If I looked round your always there

To do my birding so willing and able

We always took something back to the table 

When I worked in the garden mowing or weeding

Your eyes full of begging and pleading

To go for a walk by the river

At the sound of my voice your body would quiver 

No more can I look in your faithful old eyes

But perhaps if I look in the grey winter skies

Memories will come of the day that I treasure

Of days spent together when you gave so much pleasure.

- Fred Miller


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about Bob! His puppies are so cute! We have a dog now, and it's been six weeks since we got her. WE love her so much that it's hard to imagine what it will be like one day.
    I'll keep you in my prayers!

  2. What a sweet dog. I'm so sorry, Grace- for Bob having to suffer and for your pain. I relate to what you said about being mad inside when you went to tell Bob goodbye. I lost my dog to a heart attack when I was in high school, and I cried for so long and I felt mad that way, too. Then, I realized how blessed I was to have her with me for a few years and spend sweet moments with her. She never left my heart and I still miss her, but I realized that the way you did. The way you thought about it in a way where you were thankful to have had Bob for 5 years and thinking of the memories you have with him is one of the best ways God could help your heart heal :)

    My prayers are with y'all!


  3. Oh, Grace... How terrible for you and your family... I know how it feels to have ones beloved pet pass away...


  4. Oh! We are so sorry about Bob!! Oh, the poor baby! He looked SO sweet!

  5. Grace, I'm so sorry for you. But he's no longer in pain and that's a great thing.

  6. So sorry for your loss, sweet Grace. Y'all are in my prayers. <3