Wednesday, December 18, 2013

guess where we are going????

Hi everyone!

I have a contest for my sweet followers (:  Whoever can guess where these pictures are gets free crocheted boot cuffs!  We are going to this place in February because my Dad is speaking over there.

Here is a pic of me in the boot cuffs!
all the way on the right

I'm making a little widget, so if you guess correctly, you will get some boot cuffs!  Any color (:

I can give up to three people boot cuffs.  The winners will be based off who entered first.  

Okay, here we go!!

The contest will end next Thursday, December 26th!

Thanks everyone!

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  1. Lol I know I don't count because you told me a couple weeks ago but I entered anyway!! Love the crocheted boot cuffs! I love contests & this is a great one! :)

  2. That is so exciting! I hope you have fun wherever you are going!!

  3. Such cute boot cuffs! Love the pretty addition they make to your outfit :)

    And I think I know where you're going because I saw you pin a lot things from there and I saw the name of the board. So, if I'm right, then it's probably not fair for me to enter, hehe. But it looks so beautiful there!! What a wonderful trip it will be!

    Have a blessed day, Grace.

    Love your sister in Christ,

    1. you need to enter anyways! if you want to, you are welcome. If I don't have enough entries, I'll give it away to the right entries (:

  4. This is fun, even though I have no idea were it is :-) Love your crocheted boot cuffs by the way, they are just so cute. :-) Oh and have fun where ever your going :-) Blessings xx

  5. Is it in the U.S.? Is it San Antonio? Beautiful pics

  6. If it's not in the U.S, I think it might be Italy or Germany :-)