Friday, July 12, 2013

i'm awful

you guys.  TWO MONTHS since I last posted?  I'm the most awful blogger ever!  I do have a few excuses, but it still isn't right (: hehe We just got back from a trip to Minnesota (DRIVING), and ended up going up to Canada for a few hours, then coming back down.  I'm going to post pictures soon!  For now, you'll have to use your imagination (;

We headed up to Minnesota to drop our dog, Fraulein, at 'camp' aka hunting school.  We got there after driving for two days and had dinner with our dog-training friends.  The next day, we got up bright and early to drive to Winnipeg, MB, to see some of our really good friends for a few hours.  We had a bunch of fun.  We drove back to Fargo, ND that night, then the next day we got up and drove back to the dog trainer's home, had lunch with them, then headed to southern MN to see some friends we met at the ATI Conference.  I have to say, that was probably my favorite part of the trip!  The Medford's were absolutely the sweetest people ever.  I miss them already!  We got to their home around 5 or 6 PM, and had dinner, and spent time with them.  Me and a few of the girls played violin and piano together, then everybody came together to have Bible time. The next day we got up early, and had to leave ): we started to head back.  Finally, we made it home around 8PM Wednesday.  Okay, so the math part.

3,600 6 days...with 4 girls...and for 1/2 the way 3 dogs...

We make good time!  lol

Now, I'm getting ready to play in my violin in my teacher's church on Sunday. I'm so excited, and nervous!  They have about 300 people a service, so it's a great opportunity for me to play in front of people. 

Next Thursday, one of our good friends is coming to stay the weekend with us. She is the sweetest thing and I'm so excited to see her!  She lives in Utah, so I (sadly) don't get to see Mrs. Joy very often. 

Then, Monday, WE ARE LEAVING TO GO TO DC!!!  Remember when I talked about my friend, Melissa?  Well, guys, God has opened doors for us to go and see her. I'm literally freaking out. I'm beyond excited to meet my bestie for the first time. 

Pictures coming next!  (: 


  1. Hi! I'm glad your back! Wow, you guys are busy busy! LOL. I'm glad you can see your best friend! Mine's in Kamloops for the summer. :(((( Eager to see the pics!

  2. No worries. No worries. Hope you are having fun! My mom is Canadian!! Winnipeg is such a pretty area.