Wednesday, May 22, 2013

ATI Conference Pictures 2013

I had such a fun time at the ATI Conference in Big Sandy, Texas this past April.  I made so many new friends.  There was such a sense of community there...everybody was amazingly nice.  They even had a mechanic on duty (for NOOO cost) to work on widows/single mom's cars, because sometimes women don't know how to fix an engine (or at least I don't(;  ).  They also had a lunch for widows/widowers.  It was so nice.  It was seriously a glimpse of Heaven.  

I was apart of the COMMIT group.  In the morning, I would go with my team, and we would listen to different women speak.  There were all sorts of topics, from how to deal with guys, to the relationship with your parents, and also letting satan come and speak lies to you, and how we deal with that.  I learned SO much.  My favorite speakers throughout the whole conference were the Duggar Girls, David Gibbs, Tom Harmon, Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar, & the Benham Brothers.  

Here are a few pictures from the trip (:

Emma & her friend Betsy 

Me and my COMMIT leader, Brianna

Me and Jinger.  She is an amazing musician, guys!

Okay, so on the last night, we met a precious family, the Rook's.  They invited us to come back to their campsite.  We visited for a little while, and then the Duggar family was right down the path from them, and they were having a cook-out for everyone to attend!  So, we all went over there, ate, and that's where I met Michelle, Jim Bob, and Jinger.  The sweetest people you will ever meet...seriously.  After that, we went back over to the Rook's campsite.  It had gotten dark by then, so we were all around the camp fire while the little girls (the Rook's daughter, Jade, Emma, Johannah Duggar, and a few other girls) were playing.  Jade comes running up to us, saying that Emma had tripped over a bike and skinned her knee.  Of course, we have absolutely NOTHING to clean it up with.  Mrs. Toni Rook says "Oh, let's just run over to the Duggar's bus real fast.  They have a whole bucket full of stuff!"  *okay.  I am a very very very very very big 19 Kids and Counting fan.  Just meeting three of the Duggar's was enough for me!!  NOW WE ARE ABOUT TO GO GET ON THEIR FAMOUS BUS?!?!?! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?* So, we start walking over there, and Jim Bob was talking to a young guy, and sees Emma.  He immediately asks her to come on the bus to get a band aid.  I had forgotten that on the show a few times, they mentioned that Jim Bob can't stand blood.  Blood was literally covering Emma's knee, and he was like "Uuhhh..ummm... Let me go get Jana and Jill!"  lol So Jana and Jill come onto the bus, and they literally were the sweetest about Emma's knee.  Jill must have spent 30 minutes just cleaning it up.  Then, Jill sat and talked with us for about 45 minutes!  You guys, my dream was coming true!  This was totally a God-thing for Emma to fall and scrape her knee, and us end up on the Duggar's bus!  

Emma & Jill on the bus

Me & Jill 

After that, we thank Jill & Jana for taking care of Emma, and step outside the bus.  Michelle was standing there, and I couldn't leave without a picture with her!  I mean, when will I ever have this opportunity again, people??

Michelle talked with us for the longest time.  I've come to the conclusion that the Duggar's are really what they are on TV- an amazing God-fearing family.  

So, I get the K-LOVE encouraging Word (a daily verse sent to my email.).  Guess what it was that day? I didn't read it that morning, but one we got back to our hotel that night (around 12:30AM!!), I had the chance to read it:

"I promise this very day that I will repay two blessings for each of your troubles."
Zechariah 9:12

You guys, even though Emma had scraped her knee, God repaid our troubles with TWO blessings- meeting Jill & Jana on the bus, and talking to Michelle!  If Emma hadn't scraped her knee, that would've never happened!  I'm so thankful <3

All in all, I cannot WAIT for the next conference in 2014!

Love Always,


  1. That is soo great! I am a huge Duggar fan, but we don't get that channel.:(

  2. Oh cool!!! I'm glad you had that opportunity! Love the pics!!!

  3. I'm so glad y'all had a great time at the conference! It sounds like such a great experience, a place where you can feel God's presence through the generosity and all your sisters and brothers in Christ.
    It's SO amazing that y'all got to meet the Duggars! I can't imagine how excited you must have felt! When you mentioned you were going to go to the conference, I was wondering if you might get to meet them since they show them there on the show?! They really sound just as genuine and Godly as on tv.

    It's so neat when God allows things like that to happen where you got those two blessings that night :) I'm sorry your sister got hurt, but I know what you mean about being thankful in a way that things happened like they did.

    Have a blessed night!

  4. What a God thing! I am so jealous. I love the Duggars.

  5. O I am so jealous, I so wish I could go, its one of my dreams to meet the Duggars.
    but i dont think it ever going to happen. but im glad you could go.
    God bless.


  6. Whoa!!! That's such a blessing Grace!!
    God is always faithful.

  7. Hey Grace! I saw you on the coast to coast bloggers map! I'm from mobile too! I love your blog.