Friday, March 22, 2013

Our Dog Kennel

As most of you know, we have ten dogs, of all different shapes, sizes and types.  All, except 15 year old Flirt aka Mama Dog, are hunting dogs.  They all do so well!

I thought that I'd first post a few pictures of our dogs.  Then, I'll give you an idea of how much dog food, Milk Bones, raw hides, and cleaner we go through in one month- believe me.  It is CRAZY!

Fraulein, Thicket & Ripley

Champ & Flirt

W.C., Willow & Menzie

Bob & Gabby

Thicket & Ripette

Frolly as a baby(:

Okay, so today we got dog food.  We usually go to Tractor Supply because it is cheaper than Walmart or other stores.

Each week we use:

37.5 pounds of dog food
119 scoops of food
70 milkbones
14 doggy meatballs
 About 63 chews.
.5 a bottle of cleaner (5 gallons)

We also give some of our dogs fish oil, asprin, and glucosamine.  About 14 fish oil caplets, 3 or 4 asprin, and 28 glucosamine chews.

Yes, we use a BUNCH of stuff!  But, all of our dogs are so loved (:


  1. Aww, all your dogs are so sweet!! It sounds like so much fun to having different breeds and to have hunting dogs! Even with all that's involved, I'm sure it's totally worth it... I thank God for precious animals like dogs, they are so fun and great companions of course.

    I would love to have five or ten dogs... maybe if we move to a ranch someday :)

    Loved your post! Especially the last two photos♥

    Have a wonderful day, Grace!!

  2. WOW!!!! That is A LOT of food and more! WOW!!! But... beautiful dogs! All look so loved and happy! Thank you for sharing!