Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Maxi Skirt Outfit

So, I haven't posted my outfit in a long time... Sorry about that!  This is what I wore today.  We had doctor's appointments and orthodontist's appointments, so I wanted something comfortable, but dressy enough.

Don't laugh at my squinty eyes- the sun was literally BLARING down at me!  hehe My sister Mary took the pictures, and she was like "Grace!  Hold your head up higher.  There is a shadow on your face!"  It was SO bright!

Shirt- Mom's (:
Skirt- Target
Scarf- Aeropostle (I think!  Doesn't have a tag)
Shoes- Old Nacy

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Hope you liked it!  (:


  1. I am insanely jealous of that skirt.<3

  2. that outfit looks really nice on you!

  3. Beautiful outfit Grace!
    You look lovely, and I love the mix of the gray with that pretty blue and that you added a springy scarf :)

    Have a blessed day!

  4. Very cute combination! Love the scarf!

  5. I love it! So cute on you! I especially like the scarf!

  6. The whole outfit is adorable, but I esp. love the length of the skirt! So pretty!

  7. gorgeous!!! love the outfit! (especially love the maxi skirt but i really love it all ;))so happy to see another super cute outfit on your blog! love you!

  8. So pretty and so modest. And you new blog design is awesome!

  9. Love it! I love how the blue shirt compliments the gray skirt! Oh, for summer here! LOL!