Saturday, January 19, 2013


in·spire  [in-spahyuh r]  , in·spired, in·spir·ing.

to fill with an animating, quickening, or exalting influence:
to fill or affect with a specified feeling, thought, etc.

So, I think you guys can tell that I haven't been 'inspired' lately.  I just haven't felt like blogging. ):  I know that people change, and that we grow out of likes/dislikes, but my blog is one that I want to keep forever!  I think I just needed a break.  Sometimes, it is so hard for me to get inspired.  I try and read other blogs, or read a good book.  But, no influence has been coming to me lately.  Tonight, I felt really happy, but I didn't know how to turn that into inspiration, if you know what I mean.

What I realized is that I can turn that happiness/inspiration into something for the Lord.  Like, when I read my favorite books of the Bible, I never feel empty, or like I have nothing left.

"He counts the stars, and calls them all by name.  How GREAT is our Lord!  His power is absolute!  His understanding is beyond comprehension!"
Psalms 147:4-5

I'm sorry, but how inspiring is that? Seriously.  OUR GOD KNOWS ALL OF THE BILLIONS OF STARS BY NAME!  That is jaw-dropping, special, amazing, and glorious all wrapped up in one!  When I read that, I feel happy, important.


So, if one of my few followers feel like they have been drained lately, read your Bible.  That sounds so cliche, but it works. Read Psalms.  That book does wonders in my relationship with my Father.

I love you guys so much!  Email me if you have any questions or thoughts.  (:

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  1. I love you! & I love this post. Yay for Psalms! lol It's my new favorite book in the Bible thanks to you :)

    Breaks are good but never stop blogging! God brought us together through this blog & who knows what other plans He has for it!

    Love Always,