Tuesday, December 4, 2012

So Many Things to Look Forward To(:

Have you ever thought about in life about how many things you have to look forward to?  I mean, for most of us, it won't be right at this second, but think for a minute.  We have tons to look forward to!

(for me)
Getting married(:

Having children

Serving the Lord in my life

Many memories to cherish

Going to Heaven, and meeting my Creator

I know that not all of us will get married, but the last three things apply to pretty much anyone who loves the Lord! I know it seems like all of these things are so far ahead of us, but let's cherish life right at this moment.  Let's not be aching to skip ahead and.... finish high school or college, for example.  Why can't we just enjoy life right now, because I bet when we are all old little 80 year old ladies, we will wish we would have spent life joyfully serving the Lord, whatever stage of life that we may be in. The point I'm trying to make here is that it's fine to look forward to things- but let's make sure we don't get too caught up in the future, and forget what's important in the here and now.

We all have things to look forward to right at this moment too! My family and I are going on a short trip next week for Mary's (my sister) 16th birthday.  I'm pretty excited for that.  The fun part is that my parents are not telling us where we are going.  Right now, my Daddy is over in the Middle East. *sidenote* Please keep him in your prayers while he is over there.  I know that the Lord will keep him safe, but if you could pray that everything goes well for his work while he's over there, I'll be very thankful(:  *end sidnote*   We will leave early next week, and Daddy will fly to meet us at our destination(:  All we know is that it is in North America..... (not much of a hint, Mom!)  

Even though I am SUPER excited about all of this, I have to remind myself to slow down and enjoy what God has given me.  

One thing, though, that I cannot wait for is meeting Jesus!  That will be AWESOME!!!

The bridge of this song pretty much sums up the 'I really want to meet Jesus' feeling that all of us Christians have(:

Merry Christmas!



  1. Thanks for posting this, Grace! We need this reminder. =D
    Enjoy your trip! =D We will be praying for your Dad.

  2. I am looking forward to many similar things. I would love tot ravel into the future and see who I marry and what my kids look like. I would love to see how the Lord is going to use me to serve him. I would like to find out if my dreams will come true, if I will be a special needs teacher like I am planning. And to meet Jesus - well gosh! I can't even imagine what I will feel like that day. When I get to see him face to face, eternally. Greta post.

    Have a GREAT trip! And I will be praying for your dad. My dad also travels for work and I know how that can be.

    Have a blessed day and happy holidays/travels!

  3. You have been awarded over at our blog!