Saturday, November 24, 2012

Life is Short

Yesterday, after I had had an argument with my sister, I went outside, with my Bible, and headed to our dock.  I was fuming, to say the least.  I got down there, spread out my blanket, and plopped down, mad about what my sister had said and done.  I started reading in Psalms, and (still thinking about my sister) read about how God will take care of people who hurt you, and how He will handle it.  I still wasn't satisfied.

I took a break and looked up out into the creek that we live on.  It was absolutely beautiful yesterday, with a few trees changing color, and it was stunning.

As I looked at a tree, a leaf fell down to the water. All of a sudden, I heard the clearest voice I have ever heard in my life.  It was like they were right there, whispering in my ear.  It said "Life is short."

I have no doubt that it was God talking to me.  I do not remember ever hearing directly from God like that, but it was amazing.  I have to say, I was scared because it was so close like that.  I got up from my blanket, and headed inside, still contemplating on what I had heard.

Then, I realized something.  God was telling me that even though my sister had been mean to me, and I had been mean to her, to forgive her for what she had done, because life is short.  

So, today, think about that.  LIFE IS SHORT!  Forgive, forget, and move on.  This is the hardest thing for me to do, because I HATE giving in.  But, is it worth it to be stubborn?  God forgave you, didn't He?  Why can't we return the favor and forgive His children?


  1. Hm. This is probably one of the greatest challenges for any Christian. Forgiving those who hurt us.

    I'm going through a similar situation with a relative. She hurt me and my family and yet God wants me to forgive her.

    So I did even when I didn't feel like it. That's the thing. God never said we had to feel like forgiving we just had to do it.

    But when I obeyed Him the feelings of forgiveness followed. I'm not mad like before. I am healing. I'm still not ready to trust her as deeply as I did before but if God works in her heart like He has in mine who knows!

    God bless you and keep on turning to Him for guidance and encouragement.

    1. Thank you so much for your encouragement, Sincerity!

  2. Wonderful post, Grace! I guess I'll just say "Amen". That ought to cover it :)

  3. What an inspiring post! It is definitely easier to stay mad at someone but it's best to forgive.

    I heard a song once that said, "Forgive and forget but don't forget why you're here." We are here to shine the light of Jesus:)

    I'm glad I came across your blog today and look forward to reading more.

    Kianna Rose

  4. Oh my goodness, Grace! I got the chills while reading this post! Forgiveness is a hard thing for me too.. but you are so right! Life is short and sometimes we just need a reminder :)This is such a wonderful post! I'm so glad I read it :)

    Love Always,
    Melissa :)

  5. Hello Grace!
    Thank you for your beautiful comment on my blog! I'm so glad you enjoyed everything! I'm sorry it was not quite what you specified when entering the birthday party!
    I can't wait to get the package!
    (on a side note, your blog looks beautiful, but as part of your gift, I meant to stick a little note in saying I would love to do a blog makeover for you! Let me know lovely!)

  6. I just found your blog and will be reading! I will aslo be following you on pinterest! Please follow me back!

    In His Name,
    Kennedy Dukes

  7. I guess my previous comment didn't post, so I will say it again. ;) I am a new reader/follower and I look forward to future posts! I also love Jesus. If I can get your pinterest link to work, I will follow you there too! I hope you follow me back!

    In His Name,
    Kennedy Dukes

  8. Gracie girl, you are wise beyond your years. I am so thankful for you and your relationship with the Lord. Love you!