Wednesday, September 19, 2012

School Days!

We are now officially on our 2nd week of school here at our house.  I have to say, I really like it this year.  We use the Ambleside curriculum, which is based on the teachings of Charlotte Mason.  She taught that children need to be reading 'living' books, instead of reading plain old textbooks.  Personally, for me, I'm not so good with the whole text book thing, but I love this where we can learn different subjects through story form instead of just memorizing facts about it. 


Just a few of our books
We are learning about this amazing man!
Marine Biology(amazing, by the way!)
School for the year!

 I hope you guys are enjoying school as much as I am!

Your Sister in Christ,
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  1. Charlotte Mason and Ambleside...those sound very familiar :)

    Our family used to do parts of those curriculums! Much better way to learn, indeed :) I am NOT a fan of lists of facts.