Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Effects of Hurricane Isaac

So, the effects of Isaac have certainly arrived!  Here are some pictures of our boat dock, and local beach:
The water is usually two to four feet below the dock-never even with it!

If you see those poles down the creek, that is our little dock that is completely covered in water!

The little dock

It's crazy!

Me kayaking(:

I'm even with the dock!  It's sooo weird!

Now, these next pictures of our local beach from our newspaper.  {the beach is closed}

Huge waves!

Double Red flag!

Some people think hurricanes are not bad at all!  But, those are normally the people that get stuck on their roof, waiting for rescuers.  No matter what strength the storm is, it can always hurt someone.  I mean, Isaac was a Tropical Storm in Hati, and it killed 21 people!  Hurricanes should not be taken lightly!

Your Sister in Christ,

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Flexi Clip Giveaway at Pecan Pastures!

McKenzie Elizabeth is giving away a free flexi clip over at he blog!  Go check it out!(:

Sunday, August 26, 2012


So, this post has pretty much.... everything in it!  lol  On Friday, we went and picked pink eyed purple hulled peas with my grandparents.  They had about 9 rows in their yard full of peas!  It was crazy!  We had them shelled, and ended up having 2 big paper bags full of peas!  And they are delicious(:

Saturday, we cleaned up our house, and got ready for Hurricane Isaac to come.  We are going to stay where we are, but if it gets bad, then we'll leave.  We got all of the stuff out of our carport, and put in our barn.  We also got about 4 30 packs of water (we like our water!!), 160 paper plates, and a pack of plastic silverware.  We have a generator already connected to our house, so we will have electricity.  But, our pump house with all our water is not connected to that, so we will be without water if the power goes out.

Today, we went to the beach.....ahhh!!!  My family and I haven't been all summer, so it was amazing!  The water was cool, but we still had fun!  After that, we had to run by the grocery store to get a few things.  My sister Emma and I sat in the car while my sister Mary and my Mom ran inside.  We could leave the car on, but I noticed that the battery gauge in our car was low.  So, I turned off the car.  When Mary and my Mom came back and started up the car, of course the battery was dead.  So, after a little bit, somebody came and jumped us off, and we headed home!

Then, late this afternoon, we went to pick peas at my grandparents again to get all the ones that were not ready yet.  As I was finishing up and going back to look and make sure we got all of them, I saw a wasp on one of the pea plants.  *start bunny trail*  I have gotten stung by a wasp 2 times before this, so I know when they will sting, and how excruciatingly bad they hurt.  I've gotten stung on the head, and on the back. *end bunny trail*  I reached to get the pea from the plant, and the wasp stung my pinky finger.  ):  I had put my basket down, and had peas in my hands, and sadly, I dropped all the peas, and starting grabbing my hand, and crying.  ):  Eventually, it stopped COMPLETELY KILLING ME  hurting, and we went home.  But, it got all swollen, and thankfully, it's gone down a bit.

And last, but certainly not least, my favorite song ever!!!  I love the message, and I feel this way a lot.

Have a lovely week!

Your Sister in Christ,

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hurricane Isaac- Headed My Way

Sooo, I thought I would go through the summer of 2012 without one single hurricane!  But, of course, I was wrong!  Hurricane Isaac should (as of the latest predictions) hit our area around Tuesday or Wednesday.  Your prayers will be appreciated(:  It should only be a Category One with 85 mph winds, which isn't too bad.  I've seen worse!  Also, please pray for my Daddy, who is in Central America.  He is planning on coming home Monday, if he can avoid the storm.  Lord willing, he will make it home safely.  Here are the latest pictures of the map of the hurricane:

Hurricane Season Begins!  lol

Your Sister in Christ,

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ballet Magnificat Details

So, I thought I would do a post on the time I had at Ballet Mag.  (:

The first week(and the 2nd) were the hardest for me.  I was very homesick for my family, and I cried often): I was very disappointed in the level I got in, and I didn't really like my hall of girls.  Us girls ranged in ages 11 to 15, so it was a very difficult age group to have.  The spiritual aspect of Ballet Mag was great!  But, I have to say I didn't have very much fun.

The 3rd and 4th weeks were easier than the first two.  No doubt, the whole time I was there, I wanted to go home.  Me and my sister did go together, but we didn't room with each other.  That was hard.  I was in a different dorm, and a different level than she was.  I really only saw her at meals.  She had a GREAT time, because I think she is a real people person, and I'm not.

I had various classes, from Contemporary, to Pointe, to Improv.  Our day started with Technique class.  Then, after that, we came back and had lunch at the cafeteria.  After lunch, we go back to the studios, and have one of the classes listed above.  We then have a break, then variations class.  We then head back to the cafeteria and have dinner before and evening activity and bed.  That was my schedule.

I loved the Creative Worship, and Ballet Magnificat! performances.  They were awesome!!

So, overall, I love what Ballet Magnficat! stands for, but I think four weeks was a little long for me(:

Friday, August 10, 2012

My 14th Birthday

This past Sunday was my 14th birthday(:  Since we were driving to northern Minnesota, I asked my Mom if we could stop at the Mall of America and spend a day there.  Thankfully, she said yes!  I got to go to the American Girl Place, the Nickelodeon Theme Park, the Minnesota Aquarium, and other stores.  It was so much fun!  I have to say, the American Girl Place was my favorite.  That was on Saturday.  Sunday(my actual birthday), we drove to northern Minnesota and got to see all of our puppies again!  Here are some pictures from my best birthday ever.

Starting the day out!


One of my favorite places!!!!!

For my 1st birthday, I had Blue's Clues.  Then, right before my 14th birthday, I got to see him again!

Eating lunch

At the American Girl Bistro for dinner

Me and Mary

Celebrating my early birthday(: 
After dinner, we went to the theme park!  It was SO much fun!

Theme Park

Me with T-Man on my birthday

Our amazing friends got me a birthday cake with a T-Man picture on top!

All in all, I had an amazing birthday!!(:

Your Sister in Christ,

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Minnesota Trip 2012

Minnesota Trip 2012

*If you want to see pictures of the puppies and compare them, please go here.  They have gotten a LOT bigger!!!*
In Iowa, they have gorgeous quilt squares on their barns!

One of our dogs, W. C. 

Me and T- Man( now called Gus)


Chica, now called Brambles

Me and Forrest. 

Me and Rhett, now called Bodhi

Me and Minnie

T- Man

Fraulein just hanging out!

We got shoe polish at Dollar General..... 

We went a little crazy!!!


Fraulein and Forrest

This is what they have been working on all summer!

The HUMONGOUS windmill in Iowa

If you look really close, you can see me and Emma standing at  the bottom of the windmill!

This is what they did most of the trip!

So precious!

This was either Iowa or Missouri.  I got this shot out of my window when we were going down the interstate!


While in Missouri, we stopped for just a minute to see the Gateway Arch.  It is the tallest national monument in the USA

You can see me and Emma walking up the steps.  It is HUGE!!

Emma and I at the bottom

Unfortunately, we didn't have time to go to to top, but it was gorgeous anyways!

We stopped by my late great- grandmother's house.  Her husbands name was W. C.  We named our dog after him, and W. C got to go in W. C's dog kennel!  It was so cool.  

So many memories!  Team Thug and the Quarterback

Menzie Man at Margaret's house.  

I hope you enjoyed the pictures!  I will make a post soon about the details of the trip.

Your Sister in Christ,