Thursday, June 7, 2012

Your Romeo

I LOVE romantic movies.  You know.... where Juliet finds her Romeo.  I simply adore it.  I love seeing how everything comes together.  I look at how the two people love each other SO much.  It makes me want to hurry, grow up, and find my husband.  But, seeing all this I remember two things.  One- being that I don't need to grow up too fast.  When I do get older, I am going to either be glad or regret how I spent my teenage years. Secondly, it makes me want to wait for my husband even more.  I know so many people where it doesn't matter to them how much they give to someone that is not their husband.  As my sister read in a book once, you are like a perfectly wrapped package.  You have beautiful wrapping paper, and a big bow on the top.  But, you have to wait to give this perfect package to the right man when he comes along.  As you start to get older, you will be tempted in ways that are hard to withstand.  For many, this is hard to do, and as they get older, their package gets a little rip, or tear.  The more they do with this boy, the more their package comes unwrapped.  By the time they reach the alter, they have nothing left to give their husband.

I don't want to be like this.  I know that I have made mistakes in my life, but one thing I know for sure is that I DO NOT want to be at the alter and give whatever is left over to my husband.  I want to give him that perfectly wrapped package- the gift that God gave to me.

So, don't let your perfectly wrapped package become all torn up.  Wait, and give it to the most special person that God can give to you on this earth- your Romeo.

Your Sister in Christ,

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  1. You are SO right!!
    Its so cool to hear another girl with the same heart...