Friday, June 8, 2012

A Bunch of Pictures

I took these pictures on two different days, so explains my hair/wardrobe change(: lol I hope you guys are having an awesome week... because I am!

Our cat, Aubbie, joined me on my trip. 

And so did my Mother's lovely pair of Muck Boots...PERFECT!

I want to get married {Lord willing} right inbetween the two gorgeous Oak trees
love love love love love....
I'm sorta a sucker for b&w

If you haven't already noticed(:

Aubbie, again

Me and my sisters right after our violin recital

My lovely home God blessed me with

He always shows me that He is AMAZING

And that He has a passionate heart that loves me.

My hair is getting longer!  My goal is for it to be at my hips.

God's Beauty=Indescribable 

And Remember.....


Have a blessed weekend!

Your Sister in Christ,


  1. cool pictures! I had an awsome day so far, cause I'm done with school for the summer! yay!

    --Rachel S

  2. Great photos. Thanks for sharing them. :)