Friday, June 22, 2012

An Answered Prayer&photos

This past week, we have had VBS!  Mary volunteered, and Emma was a student.  I decided to spend some time with my Mom(:  Emma had so much fun!  She won Crazy Hair Day!  Mary helped in the 3rd grader's class.  My Mom has been praying about us not doing dance this year, and she knew how much Mary enjoyed working with little kids.  Emma and I had already decided not to do dance, but Mary was still dance, dance, dance.  Last night, Mary came up to Mom, and told her that she felt as though God was telling her not to do dance, but to volunteer with little kids!   It is so amazing how God answers prayers.  Right before Mary talked to Mom last night, Mom told me yesterday about talking to Mary about how much she loved little kids, and then Mary came up to Mom and talked to her about it without Mom saying anything!

This is going to give us so much more freedom with doing stuff because before, we tied down with dance, and now we will have more time to spend at home at our in-the-works pool, to travel, and especially when I turn 14, I will be able to get a job at Publix!!!  YAY!  haha  We have one about 15 minutes away from us, so I can cross that off my bucket list!  Plus, I need to start saving for a car.

Enjoy the pictures!

Crazy Hair Day Winner for 2nd Grade!

Me and the Precious Angel

Enjoying Summer(:

And, Happy Birthday to our dog, Flirt, who turned 15 yesterday(:


  1. That is awesome! {About your sister & dance, I mean.} I love the pictures. A pool? So jealous!:) Show us pictures when it's done. Your dog is cute. Your sister is too.:) I love the last pic! Okay, okay I'll stop now. I just love your blog.:)

  2. I like your pictures you took and that hair style is funny! :)

    --Rachel S

  3. Happy Birthday to Flirt!

    Love the pictures...amazing how God answers prayer when we believe Him.


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    Have a blessed day!

    In Christ,
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