Sunday, May 13, 2012

Two Faced

Hi everyone!  It is so good to be posting again.  In these past two weeks, I've come to realize something.  I used to not even bear the idea of someone that I knew personally read my blog.  It just seemed so weird to me.  But, I feel as though I am two faced- saying one thing to you on here, and doing something else in my personal life.  Now, I realize that I need not be double minded!  I need to show people who I am, and really who I am is what's on here.  I always tried to act 'cool' in public, and then actually doing what God wanted me to on here, but now I've changed. This means that I will be doubly accountable, where anyone I know who reads my blog and hangs out around me will think "Wow.  She is DEFINITELY who she said she is on her blog.".  I DO want that to happen.   I want to encourage everyone I know in their walk with Jesus.

So, anyways.  That is what I have been up to lately!  Hopefully you have had a lovely Mother's Day, and realize what a special gift God has given us.

Your Sister in Christ,

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  1. Oh, I feel just like that! But, my mom asked for my blog address, so I had to give it to her. And she keeps giving it to other people we know! AHH! But, I am determined to do the same as you. Great post! :)