Monday, May 21, 2012

Memories Monday

I was looking through some old pictures, and had many lovely memories brought back to my mind.  Most of these were last year, but they seem such a long way away!

A cake I made a few weeks ago for company.  A very easy yellow cake that I found online!

Canada last year.  I love the sunset in the background, and to think- it was cold enough for me to wear a hat!  
When we drove to Minnesota to see our precious puppies.  This one here is Menzie

Christmas time last year.  "Just hear those sleigh bells jingling...."

On our way home from Minnesota, we found the Duggar's house in Arkansas!  SO cool..

The Father and Daughter Retreat 2012

Have a lovely week!

Your Sister in Christ,


  1. that's so awesome that you got to see the Duggar's house! i love them! great family picture as well :)

  2. So cool that you saw the Duggar's home!! How awesome!! Love the pictures! :)