Thursday, May 31, 2012

Violin Recital Videos

On Sunday we had our violin recital.  Emma played "Allegro", by Suzuki.  I played "Hungarian Dance #5" by Brahms.  Mary and I played a duet called "Bouree", by Handel.  And last, but not least, all three of us girls played "Minuet 2", by Bach.  I only messed up a few times, so that's always good!

I am only uploading these two right now because I cannot get the others to upload!

Your Sister in Christ,

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Summer's a Comin'

This weekend we had our Showcase for dance.  It was a lot of fun!  We arrived at the Theater around 11:00 Sunday morning.  After a quick additional rehearsal for ballet, we changed for jazz.  Sadly, at our current studio, we do not have costumes- we just wear uniforms.  ):  Oh well.  It makes changes easier!

After jazz came another run through of ballet.  From the little girls, all the way up to advanced- everyone was excited.  Once practice was over, we grabbed a bite to eat, and went to a hotel room.   The Theater is about an hour away from our house, and we only had a three hour break between practice and the show, so we decided to just stay over.  It was really nice to be able to relax and put our make-up on in peace!  The show went really well.  My Aunt, two of my cousins, and my grandparents came.  I was so excited that they were there. 

Yesterday, our puppy Frauleine got a boo-boo.  She was outside and cut her pad open on her front left foot.  I felt so bad for her.  We were going to take her to the vet, but decided to wait for a little.  Today, it was still really bad so we took her to see Dr. Beth.  She got her foot sewn up, and has to stay overnight!  ): my poor angel!

Right now, it is so nice outside.  It's around 88F, and sunny. I love these kind of days.  Summer is coming SOON!

Your Sister in Christ,

Monday, May 21, 2012

Memories Monday

I was looking through some old pictures, and had many lovely memories brought back to my mind.  Most of these were last year, but they seem such a long way away!

A cake I made a few weeks ago for company.  A very easy yellow cake that I found online!

Canada last year.  I love the sunset in the background, and to think- it was cold enough for me to wear a hat!  
When we drove to Minnesota to see our precious puppies.  This one here is Menzie

Christmas time last year.  "Just hear those sleigh bells jingling...."

On our way home from Minnesota, we found the Duggar's house in Arkansas!  SO cool..

The Father and Daughter Retreat 2012

Have a lovely week!

Your Sister in Christ,

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Past Two Weeks

We have had some really awesome things go on in these past two weeks, and then some really bad things.  First off, there was a lady named Mrs. Jami.  She and my Mom went to college together.  They ended up parting ways and not really talking to each other until my Mom re- connected with her on Facebook.  Mrs. Jami is the one who reached out and invited my Mom to an event, which led her to Christ.  Once they messaged over Facebook, Mrs. Jami told my Mom that she has lung cancer.  Over time, it started to get worse, and worse.
Mrs. Jami died last Sunday, leaving her husband, and three children here on earth, the same ages as me and my sisters.  I never got to meet her, and tell her "Thank you!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  My family would be SO different without you reaching out to my Mom so many years ago."  But, I guess I can look forward to telling her in Heaven. 

On a completely different note, yesterday my cousin Natalie graduated from High school.  I am so proud of her!  Out of all my cousins, I have always been closest to Natalie.  She is such a special influence on my life!  Here are some pictures of the graduation after party. 

From left to right- Me, Mary, Cousin Lauren, Aunt Rettaa, Aunt Melissa, Emma, Natalie(the graduate) and my Mom.

Me and my great Aunt Retta.  I look up to her SO much!

From left to right- Me, Mary, great Aunt Retta, and Emma

The whole family!  From left to right- cousin Brett, Aunt Melissa, Uncle Tony, Uncle Bobby, Aunt Retta, cousin Chad, Mom, cousin Damian, cousin Lauren, Emma, Mary, my 2nd cousin Peter John, Me, my 2nd cousin Robert, PawPaw, and Natalie the graduate!

Today we went to see Disney on Ice 45 minutes away with our friends Blaine, Reide, and Sarah Grace.  It was SO good!  They did Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Lilo and Stich, and Peter Pan!  Everything was so magical, and to think that they are doing it on ice!  I couldn't get all of the pictures to load, but here is this one!

Me and my best friend, Blaine

Have a lovely week!

Your Sister in Christ,

Two Faced

Hi everyone!  It is so good to be posting again.  In these past two weeks, I've come to realize something.  I used to not even bear the idea of someone that I knew personally read my blog.  It just seemed so weird to me.  But, I feel as though I am two faced- saying one thing to you on here, and doing something else in my personal life.  Now, I realize that I need not be double minded!  I need to show people who I am, and really who I am is what's on here.  I always tried to act 'cool' in public, and then actually doing what God wanted me to on here, but now I've changed. This means that I will be doubly accountable, where anyone I know who reads my blog and hangs out around me will think "Wow.  She is DEFINITELY who she said she is on her blog.".  I DO want that to happen.   I want to encourage everyone I know in their walk with Jesus.

So, anyways.  That is what I have been up to lately!  Hopefully you have had a lovely Mother's Day, and realize what a special gift God has given us.

Your Sister in Christ,