Wednesday, April 4, 2012


This past week has been absolutely CRAZY!

First of all, remember where I posted about the Father and Daughter Retreat here?  Well, that weekend, we had a really bad storm in our area.  After we had left, my Mama was upstairs, and heard thunder.  She said it felt like the WHOLE HOUSE moved, and she was waiting for it to fall into pieces!  It didn't {thankfully}, and she was okay.  But, later at lunch she went to watch her favorite channel, HGTV, and the TV wouldn't come on.  Weird.....

So, she went into the living room....

Same response.

Nothing would turn them on.

A week later.....

We found out that one of our satellite boxes was hit by lightning, along with two of our 3 year old TVs.  Yeah.....

Shortly after that, we realized that our irrigation system was hit by lighting too.

We have to replace that.


So, after lighting hitting two TV's, a satellite box, and irrigation system


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