Thursday, April 12, 2012

Don't Wait

My MawMaw{my mother's mother's mother} died when I was around one year old.  My Mom and I were just sitting at the table talking about her.  Here is what she said

"When Granny was in the hospital, I remember thinking one day 'Is she a Christian?'.  I called her hospital room later that night, and started talking to her, and asking her questions.  'Granny, when did you get saved?' and 'When were you baptized?'.  Granny replied 'Oh, I'll never forget that day.....'.  I remember having a burden lifted off of me once I realized that yes, she was a Christian.  'I'm going to come and see you tomorrow Granny'.  'Well, okay.  I'll see you then."

When I got there the next day, something had happened to Granny.  She could no longer talk.  I was really sad that the night before was the last time I would hear her talk, but happy that I knew she was a Christian."

A few days later, MawMaw went to be with Jesus.

"Right before she died, everyone was sitting around in her hospital room.  I felt God calling me to go and talk to her.  I lifted her oxygen mask off, and said 'Granny, it's okay.  You don't have to stay here with us. '  Granny took three more breathes, and died."

I learned something from Mama tonight.  If God is calling you to do something, don't wait.  Go and do it right then, because you might not have a chance later.

Your Sister in Christ,

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