Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Father Daughter Retreat 2012

This week has gone by SO fast!  It is spring break for us in the South, so that means spring cleaning!  A couple of days ago, we tackled my sister Mary's room.  We organized her closet and drawers, rearranged, and got it looking spic and span.  Today, we finished my room.  Now, everything is nice and clean.  

Now, this past weekend was the 2012 Father and Daughter Retreat, in Pine Mountain, GA.  It was amazing.  We had to get up pretty early to get there on time.  Sadly, when we got there {a whole HOUR early, which is a pretty big accomplishment for my family}, the Unity games had been canceled due to weather.  ):  I had been looking forward to that all year, but at least we got to go back to our cottage to rest, and gear up for the speeches that night.

It was nice seeing girls that I saw last year again, and meeting new friends.  The retreat was very refreshing too.  It was SO amazing to be with like-minded girls.

Saturday afternoon, during free-time to enjoy Callaway Gardens, my Daddy, sisters and I all rented bikes, and went bike- riding for about 2 1/2 hours.  It was so much fun!  I have made up my mind {since my bike that I have now is too small} to get the bike I had ridden on.  I was perfectly fine riding in my skirt, and didn't have to worry about it getting caught in the chain.

We rode everywhere!  From the little beach, up to our cottage, to down in the woods.  It was beautiful. We were a week past prime season, but it was still gorgeous.  I am hoping the weather will be nice again next year.

Sunday was extravagant, also.  Mr. Scott Brown spoke for the sermon, and it was very nice.

So, all in all, the 2012 Father and Daughter Retreat was spectacular!

Your Sister in Christ,

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  1. I'm so glad all of you got to go again this year to the retreat. I'm also proud of you for decided to let the positive outweigh the negative. God is working his plan out. I love you!