Saturday, March 31, 2012

Europe 2006 & England 2008 Pictures

We were blessed enough to be able to go to Europe in 2006 and then to England in 2008.  I wanted to post these pictures because I am 8 in most of these pictures.  Now, five years later, my little sister Emma is 8, so I just wanted to take a look back! 

This post contains at least 50 pictures, so be prepared!(:

                                                   In Amsterdam
                                                             The Munich Zoo
                                              In Berchestgaden at a little cafe
                                                           Doing school on the train(one of my favorite memories)
                                                          In St. Gilgen, Austria
                                                  Salzburg, Austria

                                                      Beautiful Mountains
                                                               I wish we had these views where I live!
                                                                    At the Mediterranean
                                                           In the Munich Zoo
                                                            In Munich-these were little cottages just outside the city for people to escape to.  They were gorgeous!
                                                               Birthplace of Mozart

The Sound of Music house!

                                         "So, doe, la, fa, mi, doe, ray" Favorite movie!(: Salzberg, Austria
                                                                At a little cafe
                                                Amsterdam- Hard Rock Cafe
                                                                   Playing at a park!

                       This was at the zoo in Munich.  I have never had so much fun!
                                                   On a Ferris wheel in Bordeux, France
                                               At the top of the Eiffel Tower
                                                               At the Eiffel Tower
                                                      It was really breathtaking to be at the famous place
                                                                     The Eiffel Tower
                                 Us girls walking to the tower.  It looks like Emma is touching it!
                Emma met a little girl on the train.  Even though there was a language barrier, they got along great!
                                        In a teensy, weensy car in France.  We Americans packed it to the TOP!
                                            Swimming at the Mediterranean
                                                              In St. Emilion, France
                                                                  St. Emilion
                                          All of the Architecture was beautiful in Europe.
                                                            Here comes the train!
                                                                        In Bordeaux, France
                                                             At our favorite cafe in Bordeaux


We were able to go to England and back to Amsterdam a couple of years later.

                                                                  At a Nightwatch(Rembrandt) life-size sculpture.
                                                          At a hotel, about to leave
                                           This little cafe was amazing!  We got to sit in HUGE leather chairs!
                                                                 Us girls at the cafe
                                                               In a castle
                                                                I love the cobblestone streets!

                                                                      On the train
                                                              Antwerpen Train Station
                                                              In Amsterdam at Vondel Park
                                                                      Vondel Park
                                                         In Newcastle, England- The North Sea
                                                        Us girls at the North Sea

Newcastle, England

                                                We found so many beautiful things, including sea glass and pretty shells.

We met these girls at a resraunt and the one on the far left, her name is Julia.  She is coming to visit us in December!  I am so excited!


                                                                        Newcastle, England
                                                         Exploring at the beach in Newcastle, England


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