Thursday, March 29, 2012


I have always liked to edit photos, but with sepia and black&white- things like that.  Nowadays you see a thing called Photoshop, which can completely change someone's appearance.  Take this photo of me, for example {By the way, this isn't the best picture of me, but I took it to show you guys}

 So, the one above is a completely un-edited photo.  Look at the difference.
With this one, I did it on Picasa, with a tool called Re-touch.

Sometimes, you see perfect models on the covers of magazines, with no pimples, wrinkles, or lines.  You have to realize that most if the time, these pictures are like the ones above..EDITED.

You see some Christians like this sometimes- edited.  They act like they are SO perfect, but you really have to look at their heart, and say "You know, you may look good on the outside, but by the way your acting right now, I'm guessing that you are not right with God."  We really need to learn from this.  We have to be the real deal.  You'll have people look at you, and sometimes even consider your religion or faith, and then if you do something or say something, most of the time they will choose NOT to consider it anymore.

Think about that today, are we really living for God?  Or are we edited?

Your Sister in Christ,


  1. WONDERFUL post, Grace Elizabeth! This is SO true;)

  2. What a challenge for us all!! Thank you so much for sharing this thought. ;-)