Saturday, March 3, 2012

4 week old puppies,driver's permits, braces, &more!

Wow!  This past week has been CRAZY!  First, my older sister Mary got her drivers permit!  She passed the first time, and is really excited.  Secondly, I got my braces this week....... yes.  (:  It has been very painful these last few days, but my family has been soo sweet in getting me what I need.  Sadly, I have tons of scratches in my mouth, and its been very hard.  Now, today our puppies are FOUR WEEKS OLD!   I can't believe it.  They are so precious.  The biggest right now is about 4 pounds.  I love them SO much, and this means I only have 4 more weeks with them):

In Christ,


  1. I remember when I first got my braces. :) I still get blisters in my mouth, but I'm getting them off in a couple months!
    Good luck with your braces. They look adorable on you!

  2. Wow braces! Both my older sisters have had braces. Soon it will be my turn!
    My older sister is just about to get her license. She has her permit already.

  3. I have braces too. Do you use wax? That may help the wires rubbing on the sides of your mouth.


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  5. I also got my braces on in November, and I have to tell you, that my wax was my best friend for the first few days!! Haha! : ) They look great on you!!

  6. The braces really look nice on you! The pain will go away soon and you'll be thinking "Wow, what's it like NOT to have braces?!" Good for Mary about her permit...that's a big step!!