Monday, February 20, 2012

A Beautiful Funeral

The other day, our neighbor's son, Harry, who was previously a firefighter and EMT, died. He had had multiple health problems throughout his life. I never knew him, but I have only heard good about him. The family found a letter stating what Mr.Harry wanted done at his funeral. His wishes were to have an official fire funeral. It was the most beautiful funeral I have ever been too. I almost cried when they gave Mr. Harry's final fire call on the radio. "2407. Paging 2407...... Final call, 2407."

My heart goes out to Mr. Harry's family- his mother, father, sisters, nieces, and son.

1.Fire Trucks lined the street at his house.
2. The Fire department arriving at Mr. Harry's house
3. One of the fire trucks had an American flag on it in front of Mr. Harry's house
4. Bon Secour Fire Department arriving (department where Mr.Harry previously worked)
5. My grandfather and one of his fellow firemen getting off of the fire truck
6. Saluting Mr. Harry
7. An American flag was folded during a fireman singing "Amazing Grace"
8. Mr. Harry had asked my grandfather, Ronnie, in the letter to read Psalms 23 at his funeral.
9. The man who played the bag pipe beautifully.
10. The flag ceremony
11. The flag ceremony
12. Giving the flag and Mr. Harry's fire fighter helmet to his family.
13. The Bon Secour Fire Department, who risk their lives every day for our safety.
14. Us girls with my grandfather, Ronnie.
15. Us girls with my grandma, Melba.
16. Us girls with my Mama, MeMaw, and Popie.
17. Us girls with my Mama, Memaw, Popie, and my Uncle Joey.
18. A flower memorial for Mr. Harry.

In Christ,
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  1. That is so sad and sweet at the same time! Almost made me cry.

  2. AAWWW! That is SO sad! I'll be praying for his family!

  3. My dad and brother are both firefighters. I've been to two firefighter funerals, and they've got to be the hardest funerals I've ever been to. I think it must get me a little more since it hits close to home, but I definitely cried at both the funerals I went to.
    The final call? That's where it really gets me. *sigh*