Friday, June 10, 2011

New Hairdo(:

So, a lot of you have been wondering what I have been up to lately....

We have had a pretty busy week around here. Of course, Mary and I have been working at the kennel, and that has been going great! Today, I think was the BEST day of the week. Why? My sweet Mother gave me a PERM!! It turned out great! It took about two hours to do, (because my hair is very thick, and LONG) but the end result is great! The bad thing is that I can't wash it for three days! I learned that if you wet it in the morning, you need to style it then, and not wait, because it gets FRIZZY! haha

But, I have a prayer request for everyone reading this. In our state, we have had a major drought, and nearly all of the farmers lost their crops. It is SO sad, and my heart aches for those people. Please, keep them in your prayers. God did give us some rain, and now that it is summer, we get a few little thunderstorms every afternoon. But, our friends in Canada have the exact opposite problem. The farmers there lost most of their crop due to flooding. Please keep these people in your prayers.

One more thing. God answered my prayer this morning, and I really thought "Wow God! You work fast!" We have company coing, and my Mother didn't know how she was going to get things done. Our copany was supposed to be here around lunchtime today. As I was praying for my breakfast, I said "Lord, please give us enough time to get everything done, and let us have a wonderful day." Just a few things on our list were: make 4 loaves of bread, mow all the grass (we have 17 acres), get lunch together, clean downstairs.......... As soon as I finished praying, my Mother got a text message from our company saying that they wouldn't be here until 8:00 tonight! God really answered my prayers!!!

In Christ,


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    I am now following your lovely blog. I would be so honored as for you to follow mine, too! I am having a give-away starting next week and I'd love for you to participate if you'd like. :)


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