Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Youth Worship

Hi everyone!

We have been having a really nice week so far at our house. At the kennel today, I think we bathed about 7 dogs! Since it was Memorial Day weekend, they were full of dogs! It is a lot of fun seeing and 'talking' to the dogs!:)

I love our church and youth group. Our worship pastor, Aaron, has a lot on his plate. He is the assistant manager at where he works, and he also does worship on Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday at youth. He said it has been a little bit too much for him, so he asked if anyone in our youth group would step up(if they felt like God was calling them to) and do worship on Thursday for the group. We all prayed about it, at at the time, I felt something, but God had to make it happen; I wasn't going to volunteer.

Mary finally said that she felt something, so she was going to do it with our friend Daniel. Daniel is a REALLY good singer and guitar player, but he is going through a voice change(: and he can't sing at the moment. Aaron's last Thursday was last week, so someone had to do worship. Oh, and did I mention Daniel is not going to be able to come this Thursday? Mary didn't want to do it by herself, so now Mary, my youth pastor's wife Kristine, and me are doing worship.

haha.... long story, huh? It is amazing how God works through.

Please be praying this Thursday around 7:15 for us!

In Christ,
Grace Elizabeth

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  1. your job sounds so fun! :) I love working with dogs!