Sunday, April 3, 2011

Father Daughter Retreat!

We had an absoulte wonderful time on the Father Daughter Retreat*!We got there a little bit late, so we only played one game. It was where Emma and I put blindfolds on and we had to go through an obstacle course just by following Daddy's voice. Then we had a wonderful dinner on picnic blankets. I had a cheese burger! It was so good. Then that night we heard Geoffrey Botkin. It was really good. The next day we got up around 6:00 and went to breakfast around 7:00. It was so good! I mean, most of the time, eggs at hotels and rest-rants aren't as good as the ones at home, but these tasted like my Mama made them! They were delicious. Bellies full, we headed over to the Magnolia Room, and heard Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin speak on "Adventurous Femininity". It was really good. Both of the sisters are such good role models. Then Scott Brown spoke on "Modesty". I learned a lot off of that sermon. After that, we had High Tea with Daddy. It was so nice. If you had a butterfly sticker underneath your teacup, you got the tussie mussie off of your table. A tussie mussie is a little bouquet of flowers that women (back in the old days) put on because the horse or mule that they were riding behind would leave little 'presents', and they wanted to smell good. Well, after everyone looked underneath they're teacups, no one got it. Everyone at our table was so nice, and they said that Emma could have it. We even got to keep our teacups! Later, I was looking in the back of our car, and just happen to turn the tea cups over, and Emma's tea cup actually had the butterfly sticker! She was so happy. After that, we had free-time to look at Callaway Gardens. Unfortunately, it was raining, so we only got to look a little bit. But, in our notebook that we got when we signed in there were questions for me to ask Daddy, like a Father-Daughter interview. It was so cool to learn about my Daddy! Later that day, we came back in, and Doug Phillips spoke. It was really good. The next day we slept in, and we had leftover KFC, and so we had left overs for breakfast. Then we went to the church service by Scott Brown. It was so good. We then had lunch at the hotel, and started our trek home. I learned so much and had a wonderful time with my Daddy and sister, Emma. We defiantly plan on going next year. Mermaid Maiden *If you would like to learn more about the Father-Daughter Retreat, go to*

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  1. I'm so glad you girls had so much fun. What was really nice was to see how God had spoken to daddy's heart. He used you to reach daddy and your sister. How sweet. God has big plans for you G-dog. I love you.