Thursday, January 6, 2011

Maggie's Dare

Maggie's Dare is a very good book that my friend let me borrow. It is about a girl named Maggie who has two very wealthy friends. She, at first, wants to be like them; asking her Dad if she can have a side-saddle, for that was the 'proper' way to ride a horse. Wanting whatever her two friends have. As this is going on, 'revivalists' start making headlines. Revivalists were said to be hooligans that would have church in a barn, the pastor wouldn't write his sermon down, and they would 'be knocked out'(because the Holy Spirit is upon them). Maggie didn't know what to think. Her friends thought they were awful, weird and crazy. Maggie eventually starts to think what her friends think. But then, one day, her father gets a call(he is a doctor), to come to a house in a very poor part of the city. She meets a woman that is said to be 'a sinner'. Maggie's friends say not to even look at her. Her house was a mess, if you could even call it a house, and Maggie looked down on her and her daughter. For Christmas, Maggie and her nanny make them coats to wear. They appreciated it immensely, and they loved the warmth it gave them. After Christmas holidays, they come back to check on them. To their surprise, the mother was up, on her feet! The house was scrubbed squeaky clean, and they had the windows open to let light and fresh air in. Maggie was amazed. The mother said she has been saved by the Lord's grace. She said she and her daughter went to a revivalist meeting, and she had been saved! Even her daughter understood the giving love of Jesus Christ. Maggie thought 'But they have never been to a real church. They sinned. How could they be saved?" It ends up very sweet. Maggie realizes with God's love and saving grace, anyone can be saved. You just have to believe.

Mermaid Maiden

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