Friday, January 7, 2011

Jesus, I am so in love with You.

Wow! Such powerful words. That explains every single person on this earth's relationship with their Saviour. "I'll let my words be few. Jesus I am so in love with You" We don't have to make lengthy, long, serious prayers to Jesus. All He wants is us to be ourselves with Him. He wants us to be comfortable with Him. Jesus wants you to want Him to be your Best Friend. I love Jesus. He is my all in all. I wouldn't be anything without Him. He has made me who I am today. He brought me out of complete darkness, and lead me into the light. He is everything to me.

Jesus, I am so in love with You.

Mermaid Maiden

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  1. How beautiful Grace and so true! I'm so happy that you've come to this knowledge at such a young age. I love you girl.