Thursday, January 6, 2011

Joyfully at Home

I am reading a book called 'Joyfully at Home' by Jasmine Baucham. In it she talks about the importance of daughters staying at home until she gets married. She makes it very interesting with talking about how to be a good daughter to your Heavenly Father, you father, your mother and how to be a good sister to your siblings. I find that there are a lot of helpful verses talking about what Jasmine wants to point out. As in 'The Return of the Daughters' (Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin), Jasmine mentions that when she was younger, the most important thing to her was to be on Oprah, or go to college to make her name famous. She didn't think about cherishing the time that she has with her father and mother. Now, the most important thing to her is pleasing her Heavenly Father instead of worring about her image. I want to be like that. Not want to make my name famous, but my Lord's name. I highly recommed this book.

Mermaid Maiden

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