Sunday, September 12, 2010

A short story!

Here is a short story I wrote:

Once upon a time there was a girl that lived on a farm in the country. She loved to dance, even though they didn't have the money to dance. She was an amazing dancer. Her name was Jennifer. On her farm she had daily chores, which included milking the cow, getting chicken eggs, cleaning the horses stalls and a lot more. Most of all she loved the Lord. One day as Jennifer was going to town, she saw a sign that said Ballet Tryouts inside. She decided to go in, even though she didn't even have a leotard or ballet shoes. Once she went inside, everyone stared at her like she was crazy. They then started the tryouts. The teacher said they had to do different things, like jete, passe and tondeu. Jennifer was better than all the other girls and did amazing. The girls were dumbfounded. After class, the teacher came up and said "What is your name?" "Jennifer". "Well, Jennifer", the teacher said, "Welcome to Royal Academy of the Arts" Jennifer couldn't believe that she had done well, but sadly, she told the teacher she couldn't afford lessons. "You don't have to. I want you take lessons for free" Jennifer thankfully accepted. Now, she is a professional dancer for the Royal Academy of the Arts, all because God had a plan for her.

Mermaid Maiden

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