Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hey guys!

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Lately it's been dance, violin, grammar class and science class. Violin recital is coming up soon. Mrs.Lizanne ( our violin teacher) is excited. Mrs.Lizanne is 75 years old and plays the violin, piano and Oregon in church. She is a little spark-plug! Dance recital is also coming soon. We haven't found out what we are yet, but I find out Tuesday. I do know that our costumes are white. Grammar class is going well. Mrs.Kristi is one of the best teachers! I'm so glad we have her. Science is oodles of fun! Mrs.Jenni is our teacher. We have made a bunch of life-long friends. We are in our new house! My room is pink and brown!!!! Right now we have, get ready, 6 dogs and 4 cats! 5 of the dogs are for hunting. 1 is just a family dog. Their names are Ripley-3 year old Springer Spaniel, Champ- Almost 5 year old English Setter, Flirt-12 year old Lab, Gabby- 5 year old English pointer, Thicket,- 1 year old Springer Spaniel, and last but totally not least, Bob. He's an English Pointer. Then we have the cats. Lizzybeth is a 3 year old calico ball of meanness! Elise is the sweetest 1 year old tabby that you will ever meet! Then about 5 months ago, we had a Momma cat and 3 kittens show u at our drive way. We couldn't resist! So we found a home for the Momma cat and 1 of the kittens but we still have two. We are keeping them. Their names are Aubbie and Princessa Maria ( Emma named her!). Well, I'm glad I got to catch up! <3

Mermaid Maiden

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