Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I am going to(attempt!) run the Spring Fever Chase!! It is a 10k. I am running 2 or 3 miles every other day. Maybe some of our good friends will run with us, hopefully. I am so excited! I know this is a very short post..But I promise to do a longer one later.

Blog with you later!!!!

Mermaid Maiden

Monday, March 2, 2009

Very,Very,Very cold!!!!

Today it was about 39F at 8:30 in the mourning! We had Co-op this mourning at 9:00, and we had to be in the car at about 8:15. It was very cold! But then yesterday, it was in the mid 70'sF! You do not know how much my sinuses are bothering me!!! Runny nose, cough, all that stuff is happening at our house! But we are getting better!

Sorry gotta go! My eyes aren't staying open! BEDTIME!!

Good Night!
Mermaid Maiden

Violin's for Mary and Emma!!!

Well, I think I pretty much told you what the surprise is. Emma and Mary got Violin's!! Emma is so excited! So is Mary! I feel so good for them. They start on Wednesday. I just know they will do great!

Blog with you later!

Mermaid Maiden

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Violin lessons!

I just recently started violin lessons! I am having so much fun and my teacher is so so sweet! I am using the Suzuki method. I am learning so much! This week we will be on our 4th lesson( I think!). My teacher plays the piano with me while I play! It is so much fun!

Well, I have to go!!

Mermaid Maiden