Thursday, October 23, 2008

On the road again.......................

Yeah, that pretty much says it all. We are going to Canadia ( aka Canada) on Saturday. We are going on the early plane at 7:15 in the MOURNING!!!!! Why us!!! why us!!! So that means we have to ::::::::::::::: wake up at 4:00 ": leave at 5:oo : get there at 6:00 and leave at 7:15. It is from Pensacola to Atlanta ( we have a bit of a layover in Atlanta) then Atlanta to Minneapolis, Minneapolis to Winnipeg and drive 3 hours to Shoal lake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We'll get there at about 7:00 PM. Dad's off to a hunt in North Dakota , But at least our half of our dogs we'll be there. ( when I say half, WE now have 3 dogs and dad's picking another one up in North Dakota, so we will have 2 dogs with us.) Busy Busy Busy, Today we have to finishing packing. Day after tomorrow!!!!! WOW!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Well just recently we got back from.......... Drum roll plese dddadadadadadadadadadada. England. Daddy had to go to work there and he asked us if we wanted to go. Here are some pics


sorry ya'll . I have not posted in so long. We have just been so busy. I will cacth up.