Thursday, May 1, 2008

My pretty doggy

You know I have never posted about my pretty doggy. Flirt. I know that her eyes are glowing, but you gotta admit, she is the prettiest doggy in the world. Mostly she likes to sleep. But when you get her outside, watch out!!! She is jumping every where!
Here are her top 3!!
She loves little steak chewies.
Dog food
She love Iams
Dog beds
Homemade by Mama.

My poor Mother!!

Yes my poor mother had a 100.6 fever last night!! I know, don't you feel sorry for her!!! And know today she has NO voice!!!! So it is a bit hard today..

Love ya!!

The Princess Primer

Know what when I was shopping at my favorite book store, I found a book that I absolutely loved. It is called the Princess Primer. It is a Fairy Godmothers guide to be a princess. I LOVE IT. It was like 30 dollars though. But guess what . I am going to be getting at the library!!! My mom said these exact words, " Ya! know you don't have to buy it!!!" We'll she really whispered it. My poor Mother has laryngitis!!!!!!!!!!!! I know you feel sorry right!!!! We'll she had a fever last night. But I will be talking about that in another post.

See ya!!