Monday, January 28, 2008

New year

Here is what I want for a New years slate. You might want to grab some coffee. It is going to be long!

OK I am going to break this up into sections. Physically, Spiritually, Personal, Etc.
Physically I want to get back to my mom's video Power 90. It is a really good workout and it is only 30 Min's. You feel so good afterwords. I also want to get eating better. Because when we were in Canada we at so much and I think I gained about 5 pounds. So I really want to get back eating good. Like salads and fruit and vegetables. And cook for my mom and help her decide. Like sodas i really don't want to drink. And I also want to be more girlie and keep my skin pretty and nails painted like keep my hair all pretty and done up. And like be myself and keep my body in shape.
I want to get to reading my bible more and get as close to God as I can. Like I want to do more in church and help the growing world around me. I also feel like God is calling me to be a vet and help the animals in the world just every day I feel like he is calling me. Just in my heart i feel he is drawing me closer and closer to him. I am his child, and I will try to do what he says. He is Great and Powerful and and I love him with all my heart.

I want to get some more friends and be nicer to people who aren't nice to me. I personally want to take care of my body more. Like be better to my sisters and nicer to them and I really hope to be a better friend as well as a better sister. I want to get teaching the world about God. As a young girl I hope to change the world.
Well I want to get just playing more with my dolls and make the most of my life. Evan If the world is mean to me I hope to be nice and loving back to it .

Thanks for reading this and I hope you enjoy it.

Mermaid Maiden

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  1. I'm so proud of you for setting goals and actually writing them down. That's the first step to reaching them.