Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The dog that could talk

I Have a story to tell. I wrought it. I personally think it is good. Just remember that all the dogs in this story are my dogs. ( except Annabelle, my grandmothers dog)

Once upon a time there was a dog who could talk. Only the animal's could here him though. He didn't have a home but he did have a name, Levi. He was a Black Lab. He best friend was Lewie, the mouse. One day Levi told Lewie something. "Lewie lets find a home." " WHAT" said Lewie. " It is dangerous in the big world of New York city. " " I am going," Levi said "Tell all the animals I said good bye". " OK," said Lewie. Levi was off into the world! He went store to store, house to house. He met all different animals, he Evan met a new best friend, Flirt. She was a Yellow Lab. Levi thought she was very pretty. Levi asked her if she was trying to find a home like him. She said" Me too." Levi mentioned to her that he was also trying to find his mother. Someone stole Levi and toke him to live with her. He has been trying ever since that separation. Flirt said " WE better hurry, the pound is coming in 2 days. " "They will be out all day and all night. " So they looked all day that day. Finally Levi said " I hate to say it but I am Starving!!!!!" " Why didn't you say so." They went to the back of a restaurant. They throw out scraps. It was a feast for Levi. They were crossing a road and Flirt got hert!!! "Levi! Levi ", she said. "Oh Flirt!!! Are you OK",He said. " Yes I am fine", she said. Just then Levi saw his mother, TessieMae. Levi ran up to her and gave her kisses. Lots and lots of them. Levi! said Tessiemae. "Guess What!!!" she said. "I found us a home!!" "I overherd people talking, they said they needed 2 dogs!!!!!" Levi looked sad. "What is wrong" TessieMae asked. " I met this dog flirt, she got hert, will you come and see her? " " Oh the poor thing, I'll come right now. " They got there and TessieMae asked " Oh, are you OK?" Flirt said " Yes' mam I am fine". Flirt got better in a couple off hours. The next day they saw a dog named AnnaBelle. She had a owner though. They all became good friends. AnnaBelle helped them find a home for surprise!! They met at a house, then AnnaBelle said " This is your new home!" Wow!! What a surprise!! But they alreday had a surprise Flirt was going to have puppies!! Flirt and Levi got marryed!! TessieMae was going to be ( as they called it) puppeies sitter when the puppy's were born. They had a very good year.

They lived happily ever after.

The End. Please commit if you liked it

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